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Astrobiology Small Payloads (ASP) Workshop

Astrobiology Small Payloads (ASP) Workshop Webpage



The Astrobiology Small Payloads (ASP) workshop will be held at Ames Research Center in the Eagle conference room located outside the main gate entrance on June 18-20th 2007. Additional logistical information about the workshop will appear on this page in the near future.


Your participation in the workshop will involve a draft white paper review for the Astrobiology Program on the feasibility of flying astrobiology payloads (see below) on small satellite and early lunar vehicle missions of opportunity. During the workshop you will help identify a list of reference astrobiology spaceflight experiments that could be assembled from existing hardware ideas and flown on early Small Satellite or Lunar launch opportunities, as well as, identify other reference experiments that may need additional hardware development for later flight opportunities. We hope that you will accept this invitation to be a part of this potential opportunity to facilitate a new approach to rapid science return with modest development investments.




John Rummel

SMD/Astrobiology Program Discipline Scientist


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